Saturday, July 19, 2014

Am I the only one

...who makes the interior furnishings before finishing the building? I'm not sure why I work this way but I do. It's partially because I like making the furniture best and once that's done I'm more motivated to finish the house. I'm going to try to go back and forth on this house. I did get some of the painting done yesterday and I really like how the living room plaster turned out. Anyway, here are the finished kitchen pieces:
 I'm really pleased with how the kitchen cabinets and appliances turned out. Parts of two Michael's hutches, a block of balsa, cardboard, cardstock, beads, woodsies, and stickers got the project this far. Still needed: faucet, backsplash, and a second shelf for over the sink/range area.
 This is the baking hutch that I pulled from my zibbet shop. The yellow over red finish makes it perfect for this kitchen. I don't remember where the dog came from but he will be one of the residents here.
 I am just playing with layout possibilities here. I hope to make an "iron" headboard. I have fabrics chosen for the bed linens. I don't know if I will leave the rocking chair as is or distress it. Opinions?
 The bathroom is really rough at this point. The shelf unit will be finished and wall mounted for towels and other supplies. The tub will be painted and probably have wall mounted plumbing fixtures. I am tentatively planning to somehow use the wash stand as a sink but I think it is oversized so I'd have to cut it down. At this point, the toilet will be completely from scratch unless I stumble on one at a thrift store.
The nursery will keep this walllpaper. I have pink carpet for the floor. The baby needs some work. She's not very pretty, lol. I think lightening her hair will help. She was only $1 at the miniature shop in Holland, Michigan, we visited last month. I figured I could fix her up somehow.

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