Sunday, July 27, 2014

And the "ayes" have it!

 But first, a minor bathroom update - just a jar of bath oil beads and a bar of soap. The jar took no creativity. It's a bottle of nail art beads just as it came out of the package. The soap was cut from a real bar of soap and rests in a seashell soap dish.
 I added my "aye" to the few other opinions expressed and there's now a small island in the kitchen. Most of the ones that I liked on Pinterest were sort of dressed up work tables. I was drawn to the wood tops and rustic black finishes so that's what I made.
A salad with all the trimmings is being prepared. The salad bowl is an acorn top. The dressing bottle was made from an electrical connector of some sort. They come in red and are shaped like a bottle. I hand carved the knife and made some of the polymer clay veggies and the bacon.
 I haven't purchased many things for this project but when I saw these mugs with the red roosters, I just had to have them. :-)
The cheesecake on the island shelf and the round loaf of bread on the counter were both made by Gaye, of My Small Obsession.


Teresa Schubert said...

I think the island is perfect, great job ;) All the little accessories are great also, such fun!
blessings to you and yours,
sugar, spice and whatever's nice

De said...

Thank you, Teresa!

Steinworks said...

I like bathroom items, and the island is cute (I spend a lot of time on Pintrest, you get a lot of great ideas)


De said...

Thank you, Marisa. I get some of my best ideas there, too.

De said...
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