Sunday, July 20, 2014

Roosters everywhere!

 I spent some time this afternoon searching google images to find rooster plate patterns for the open shelf cabinet in the mini kitchen. Last night I ordered four mini rooster mugs to place in front of the plates and then this cupboard is filled. The wide variety of patterns available has inspired me to start collecting rooster/chicken plates for my real kitchen. We've been using my current dinnerware for many years so it's time for a change. Once I've collected enough dishes, I'll pack my current ones away until I'm ready for a change again. This is gonna be fun!
I made some extra plates, platters and bowls to use on the walls and at the dining table. My mini people are going to mix their patterns, too, I think.

Have a great week!


Lucille said...

Wow! Your dishes is so nice!

De said...

Thank you, Lucille. I just printed them on cardstock and sealed them with Triple Thick varnish. When they were dry I shaped them a bit so they weren't just flat. Fun and easy!

Steinworks said...

thanks for the tip De I'll have to give that a try :)


Ara said...

These are great! I am just now getting into roosters as I have collected two special ceramic ones!! These plates are so fun! -Ara

De said...

Thanks, everyone!