Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sometimes a dollhouse has other plans

...than the ones you have. This time it was the bathroom. It doesn't look anything like the original idea I had. I like this so much better. The first project was to get that wall between the hall and bathroom in. Then I could get to the fun part. I really didn't know what I would use the toile scrapbook paper for when I purchased it. I think it looks great in the bathroom. The blue towels help to carry some color over from the master bedroom. I ended up painting the outside of the tub because it reflected all the patterns in the room. I really like the black. The tub still needs plumbing and I need to finish the windows, trim out the rest of the wall tiles, and glue the stone privacy wall in place.
 The kitchen wallpaper and flooring are done. Once the bay window is finished I can put up the chair rail on the window and hutch walls. I finished the upper cabinets, complete with the range hood. That's another project I'm happy with. I had thought of doing a hammered copper hood but the sheet metal was not cooperating. The small cabinet over the sink and the range hood are both made from the top of a hutch that looks just like the plate shelf. I cut away the bottom shelf on the sink side and closed in the top to make a cabinet with doors. I left the back on the range side to help form the frame work for the hood.
The walllpaper is finished in the master bedroom, too. I just have to figure out what I want to do with the floor here and in the living room. I'm glad this is a fairly busy print because I had to do a lot of patching to have enough paper to cover the tall back wall.

Today was productive in the dollhouse and I got some needed chores done in my 1:1 house. Life is good!

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