Monday, July 28, 2014

But what about the floor?

 Well, I don't yet know the answer to that question but I did have time to work on the furniture for the living room. I made the slipper chair from a small hinged jewelry box, wood pieces, batting, fabric and trim. The toile loveseat was made completely from scratch. I am really pleased with it.
 A closer view of the loveseat and it's gingham rooster pillow. I made the upholstered valance and the curtains (made from a coffee filter.)
 A closer look at the chair with its roll pillow - rolled fun foam with fabrics and trim glued on.
This is a potential living room layout. I'm not sure if the console table will fit under the stairs and I need some side tables and art and ...oh, right, there's still that floor. I think it needs a dark wood floor for balance. I'm still thinking about this one. Ideas, anyone?


Steinworks said...

I like the dark wood idea what color are you going to paint the walls and what type of art will you put up?


De said...

Marisa, the walls are already done in an aged plaster finish. The house came with white plaster in the living room and in part of the kitchen. It's buttermilk in the kitchen and buttermilk with color washes over the top in the living room. See today's post for one art piece.