Friday, July 25, 2014

I am loving this house!

 The kitchen still needs some finishing details but it's mostly finished. I want to add a yellow gingham cushion to the window seat, some rugs, and plants and collectibles on top of the cabinets. I need an opinion please - I'm thinking there's plenty of room for an island since everything is fairly small in scale. What do you think?
 A trio of rooster plates to the left and a tray over the bay. The valances are cut from scrapbook paper.
 The rooster pepper grinder on the stove and the matching cutting board hanging over the sink are Reutter Porcelain pieces. I'd forgotten that I had them but they were in Then Again Antiques. Who knew that it's as much fun to shop in a mini antique shop as in the 1:1 ones. :-D
The bathroom needs a rug or two, curtains or shades, and a mirror over the sink. I need light fixtures for the whole house and the tub still needs plumbing. Adding the windows and the trim around the tile added so much to the look.

The granddaughters will be here tonight for the weekend so there won't be any mini progress this weekend. Next week is my last before I go back to work after summer break. I don't think I will finish but I should make some big progress. Stay tuned!


Teresa Schubert said...

I think it is coming along quite nice, I especially like the paper for the bathroom it added quite a lot. The kitchen looks really good and it seems you could put in an island, hey that's the beauty of miniatures, if you don't like it, you can always take it right back out ;-)
Hope you have a gre4at weekend with the G-Kids!
sugar, spice and whatever's nice

Lucille said...

Very nice, Dee! I especially love the bathroom and that wallpaper! Love the tub also and the hidden toilet!

Giac said...

Hello De,
The house has so much character. I love the way you have used the space. terrific job!
Big hug,

De said...

Thank you, Giac! I am having fun with this project. It's a style I would love in my own home.

De said...

Thank you, Teresa and Lucille! The bathroom is probably my favorite room so far. I don't know if I could handle quite so much pattern in my 1:1 house but I love it here.