Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm just floored!

 Well, not really. But I did finish the living room floor. :-) I decided I wanted it to be lived in and embraced the spots that didn't take the paint and stain. I added rocking chair marks - much like the ones on my floor.
 It is hard to see in the whole area photos but the floor has 12 inch wide planks.
I put the trim in where I could and waxed and buffed the floor to give it a soft sheen. I can't do much else in here until I get the stairs in. I don't think the console table will fit under the stairs and I haven't decided what sort of table I want between the chairs. And what about a coffee table? So many decisions left to make. I have to get busy on the rest of the structural details like doors and the hall soon. The bedroom is at a standstill until I get that door in. (I could make the bed, though.) The upper story hall is still completely naked, LOL. And I have to get a door in there, too. No more today, though. I picked and canned two canners full of green beans. I'm ready for some down time.


Lucille said...

I like the floor as it is, De! You should have included a pic of your beans! I would have liked to have seen that. Have you ever preserved carrots? I love their vinegary taste. I made some once. Just two jars. I must make some more. I can't digest dill pickles and I can digest the carrots very well. I must try preserving green beans. My problem is that I really don't have the space to keep them so I can't make too many jars.

De said...

Thanks, Lucille. I'll snap a photo of the beans later today. :-) I've never canned or pickled carrots. For some reason, mine have never done all that well. We end up with a few for fresh munching and that's all. My green beans are just starting to ripen so I will have a lot of jars to store when the season is over.

Giac said...

Hello De,
I really like the floor. The color is great for the space. well done!
big hug,