Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Got some more done today

My friends from Small World tease me about how quickly I work when I start a new project. I get a bit single minded once I start something and can't wait to get it all finished. I made a lot of progress on the Brookfield today. I'm not bashing the kit at all so it's going very quickly. I really need to decide what I am doing with the exterior. I have some ideas but I'm just not sure yet.
I love the living room! I need to build the staircase and trim the windows, etc. but it's coming along very nicely.

I think there's enough room in the kitchen for the cabinets along the left wall, the appliances on the right wall and the dining table in front of the windows. I haven't decided if I'm leaving the walls as they are right now or if I want to stipple some darker and lighter shades of olive over the top of the paper.

I think the bedroom is very elegant. I'm going to use the dresser from Brenda and pretend the owner of the house set up her still life there for painting. I plan to use the bed kit that came with the house. I'll stain it to match Brenda's dresser and dress it up somehow. I'm still thinking about what to do with this floor, too. The wood has a fairly deep gouge that goes the whole length of it so I don't want to just paint or stain it.
There's not quite enough room on either side of the mirror for both sconces so I'm going to use one over the mirror and the other over the tub. I'll put the crystal chandelier in the bedroom. I really like the way the bath and bedrooms coordinate. The marble floor in here is a wallpaper sample.


Texas Belle said...

Wow - it really is amazing how fast you work! Just love your choice of wallpapers in the bedroom and bathroom.

De said...

Thank you!

TreeFeathers said...

"My friends from Small World tease me about how quickly I work when I start a new project."

You got that right! :D It's looking great, Deana!

- Grace

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Hey...what's that sink made out of? Looks like one of my bowls, never thought of using them for that!!! That bathroom is so fancy! And I think a couple shades of olive would be pretty!

De said...

Thank you both. I am really having fun with this house. It's much classier than my personal decorating style.

It is one of your bowls, Katie. It was just the right size and I love the texture. I painted the outside with a red glaze and the inside with a pearl glaze. You can still see the texture and the design in the clay but the colors match the bathroom now. I drilled a small hole in the bottom and put a little grommet in to represent the drain. Your pineapple things are going to be in almost every room in the house! :-)

Katie's Clay Corner said...

I'm still laughing at myself over here!! Hahaha......It looks amazing as a sink!!

And the house is very classy indeed!!!

SenaMena said...

You are fast! Wish I was a little faster with my projects but I am not much of a perfectionist. So much that I drive myself insane sometimes!