Thursday, May 14, 2009

Windows in and exterior started

I made my own stained glass windows instead of the toy looking ones that came with the kit. The upstairs arches coordinate with the rectangular bathroom window and the downstairs arches coordinate with the door window. I downloaded pictures from a catalog website and sized them in Adobe Photoshop before printing them on overhead transparencies.

The exterior is painted a creamy yellow with sand mixed into the paint to give it a nice texture. I'm obviously not yet finished with the exterior beams but I'm making progress. I just need one more on the lower part of each end and then I'll finish the front steps before putting the front trim on. I'm hoping to have enough of the wood left over to use for baseboards, at least on the lower level.

One of today's projects has got to be to finish the bedroom floor. I think I'll look through my wallpaper samples again. Maybe I can make a carpet sized tissue rug...


MiniKat said...

You are putting me to shame with all this work you're getting done. ;-) It looks great though!

De said...

Thank you! Doing any kind of miniatures is a stress reliever for me...and there's a lot of stress just now in my life. The good thing is I get a lot of mini work completed! :0)