Monday, May 4, 2009

Katie's Challenge

This post is in response to Katie's challenge to write about all of the jobs we've had. My list is fairly short. My job for all of the summers during high school was at the school -I worked on a team that did various energy conservation tasks. This was back in the late 70s and early 80s. While in college I worked in the campus business office during the school year and college maintenance during the summers - except for the summer after my freshman year which I took off because of my wedding. After graduation with a BS in Business Administration I worked at Hudson's Department Store with plans to work into management. Instead I chose to start my family and took eight years off to do the most important job I've ever had - Mommy. When my youngest was three, I started teaching at our church daycare. I started with one year olds and by the time I left 9 years later I was teaching the preschool class. This was my most rewarding and most challenging paid job and I really enjoyed it. I ended up leaving the position because of my oldest child's health issues. At that time we didn't know what was wrong with her but eventually she was diagnosed with a form of dysautonomia. Two years later my middle child developed health issues which have since been diagnosed as lupus and last year my youngest was diagnosed with the same autonomic disorder that my oldest has. So I continue to be an at home mom because that is where I need to be right now. The older two are now in college but still need me and my time sometimes. My youngest is in high school but his health issues have not allowed him to attend class most of this year. This current "job" is very challenging and sometimes very frustrating but I love my children and I love being a mom. I wouldn't mind if the pay was a little better though. ;0)


Katie's Clay Corner said...

I'd say being a Mom is the hardest job! LOL.....and I wish it paid bettre too. Dysautonomia is a tough thing to have! And Lopus...that's no better. My heart goes out to you and your kids! They're lucky to have you!!!!

That's for sharing your jobs with us!

Katie's Clay Corner said...

And while I'm thinking about's a link you might enjoy. The kids would totally get it!

De said...

We've all read the spoon theory - it makes so much sense. Sometimes I have to remind the girls to save some spoons for later. :0)