Sunday, May 3, 2009

I finally got that candle made!

After church I helped my husband some more with the trees but after lunch I spent some time on minis. I made a candle on a stand to cover the weird oval bump on the back of the toilet tank. I used my favorite method for making pillar candles - I get inexpensive pencils with bright colored erasers and pull the erasers out to use for the candles. I run a threaded needle through to form the wick. Then I coat the eraser with satin varnish. I made the holder from a couple of jewelry findings glued together. Glued to the back of the toilet it covers the bump and looks pretty, too. :0)

The next project was kitchen utensils. I'm using one of Katie's bowls (Katie's Clay Corner) as a holder. The whisk is just two pieces of wire twisted together. The wooden spoon is carved from a toothpick - this one needs some more sanding to make the handle thinner. I just got tired of sanding, lol. The spatula is fun foam with a toothpick handle. All of the silver and black items were made from the little metal clips that hold new pairs of socks together. The metal is very soft and easy to cut with scissors. It is also easily shaped.

Oh, and the scrubby sponge is made from yellow fun foam and green sticky backed felt. Very easy and looks very real, too.
The last thing for today is an opinion. On the previous post with wallpaper I showed the living room border with the design pointing down. This photo shows the design pointing up. Which do you all like better?


Katie's Clay Corner said...

Love your untensils!! And your sponge...I'm gonna have to make one of those for Cora's Kitchen!! Awesome idea on making the candles, I'd never thought of that!

And I like the border better in this like little mini the other picture it looks like flowers...They're both fine though!

Mary said...

What clever ways to make candles and utensils! The red candle looks like an apple cinnamon one we have in our kitchen.

A. Wright said...

What a great idea for candles! Very cool to see Katie's dishes in use too.

Anonymous said...

I like this one better as it looks like mushrooms and flowers growing in grass. The other way looks like they are hanging upside down.

De said...

Thank you - I'm thinking the border looks better this way, too.

MiniKat said...

Great idea for candles! Love the scrubbie too.

I'm in the minority of thinking the border looks better pointing down I guess. I like the darker line along the ceiling edge. But I'm not the one who gets to stare at the room with all it's loveliness every day and it does look nice pointed up. ;-)