Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mini curtains

Now that the outside of the house is pretty much finished, I can spend some more time on the really fun stuff - the decorating. As I work on this house I am getting an idea for who the owner is. I think she's a single lady, in her late twenties, who loves frilly feminine things but is not afraid to work for them. She's done most of the remodelling work on her house and has restored many of the furniture pieces.

The bathroom now has a lace trimmed Roman shade, towel bars, and toilet paper holder. There are still plenty more things that can go in here but it's a start. The bedroom has pretty billowy white curtains with a ruffled valance and the nightstand has an embroidered doily.
I really like the kitchen curtains. (Thanks for another great tutorial, Casey.) They match the upholstered chairs. The curtains are not crooked, btw. Unfortunately, the border slopes upward a bit on the left. I made a few adjustments to the pleats after I took the picture and it doesn't look quite so obvious now.


Katie's Clay Corner said...

The curtains look great!! Love the green ones in the kitchen!

MiniKat said...

The curtains really make it more comfortable. :-)

De said...