Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The kitchen is finished...well mostly

Here's the mostly finished kitchen. I still need to add accessories and food. I think I'd like an ivy plant on top of the top cabinets.

The handles on the refrigerator are the clips from a couple of Sharpie markers. I carved the handles for the stove. I also added bead knobs. The color of the appliances is more cream than white but it's hard to tell in the photo. I just didn't want bright white. The trash can to the right of the stove was made by my friend, Brenda. It is amazingly detailed. There's a banana peel, an apple core, fish bones, and some snack food packages. Brenda also made the bananas on the hanger, the apple cookie jar and the clock. Judy made the spice rack and the salt and pepper shakers on the table. Sandy (Copeland) made the large pepper mill on the stove. The cookbooks were made by Grace (Treefeathers). Gaye (My Small Obsession) made the enamel ware in the cupboard and on the table. The tablecloth and napkins were made by Joan. There's a matching apron that I will probably put on the doll I make for this house. The pineapple dishes were all made by Katie. I won them in one of her contests.
It's all coming together really well. The kitchen swap items add so much to this room and everything was in the right colors and so many items were fruit themed.


Jean Day said...

Love your kitchen, so many great details, the tiles and range hood look so good.

Mini Hugs, Jean

Meli said...

Wow!!! The kitchen is beautiful, with all kind of details!!! I love how you decorate it!!!

Katie's Clay Corner said...

De! It all looks amazing! Love that little spice rack~ How cute is that!!! That hood over the stove is a great idea too! I just love the whole kitchen!!!! Yeah!!

Kim said...

I really love how the range hood turned out! It looks so great! I also love the bananas on the bananas hook! The fridge handles are genius!

Tallulah~Belle said...

Looking great De.

Are you going to attempt to make some ivy :-)

De said...

Now that I have one of your ivy plants, Jayne, I'm spoiled. But I will probably attempt it. Or maybe I will do a philodendron instead. I can punch out the heart shaped leaves and then shape and shade them.