Thursday, May 14, 2009

I need a couple of opinions

The exterior is nearly finished but I need some opionions. First, should I use the shutters and, if so, what color should they be? I'm leaning towards leaving them off and just using the window boxes. Also, what color should the porch steps be? I've considered concrete (gray with sand mixed in), brick or just stained like the trim (but that seems like too much of a good thing, lol). The shingles will be stained the same color as the trim, I think. There is also some gingerbread trim with the kit. I'm not using the ridge trim but I will probably use the dormer edging.
I need to make some sort of surround so that the mini people don't fall down the stairs on their way to the bathroom at night. I'm also debating whether to do curtains (from the stained glass line down) or roman shades in here. The "carpet" is made from a wallpaper scrap.

All that's left to do in here are the little finishing details - toilet paper holder, towel rack, trash can, etc. And I need to make some sort of shade for the big window in here, too.
The glue isn't dry on the stair rail yet but I love how this turned out. One of those ugly open-backed stair kits came with the house. I did use that but I turned it upside down and used those steps as risers and made my own treads. The spindles are fancy toothpicks painted gold and pinched together at the top. I put a cardboard back on the staircase and covered it with the striped wallpaper. It looks so much nicer than the way it was meant to look.
There was enough of the exterior trim left over to use as baseboard, too, with some to spare. I haven't put any in the kitchen yet - not until I get the cabinets assembled and installed.


MiniKat said...

I would leave off the shutters. Have you considered using paperclay to make the steps look like flagstone?

I really like how you did the stair railing. It's very neat. :-)

Katie's Clay Corner said...

......I love shutters...but it is a personal choice. And I don't think it would be too much if you did the front stairs to match the door...btw~ love that front door!!

in Cora's batroom I used a toothpaste cap as a trash can and a mouth wash lid as a dirty clothes basket...the top of a jug of laundry detergent makes a good laundry basket, too.

De said...

Thank you!