Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Family Fun!

This photo was taken at Epcot near the aquariums. The tall boy at the back is my nephew...and my son's best friend.
The boys had a great time. I have photos of them as Vikings (here) and as pirates and with a wooden Indian.
We had to take a wheelchair for Kristin as she's still recuperating from foot surgery. Here she's sharing with her sister, Meg.
Game night! We had a great time playing Phase 10. Meg was multitasking - reading and playing cards. We stayed at the Old Key West Resort. It was perfect for us 'cause everyone had some space to get away if they needed it.
Just me and my girls while we waited for the guys to make one last stop at Legoland. The boys had been saving up for some major purchases here.

The coolest thing about Walt Disney World is the wide variety of activities available. We had fun at the theme parks, shopped, ate some amazing meals (Tepan Edo at Japan in the World Showcase was wonderful!) and saw the Cirque du Soleil performance of La Nouba.

We all came home exhausted but it was fun. The only real downside is that hubby ended up with food poisoning from eating a hot dog at the Orlando airport the day we flew back. We landed in Detroit and spent the night there before heading home yesterday. Last night I ended up taking hubby to the ER. They replenished fluids and gave him some meds. He's resting today and hopefully will shake this soon.


Katie said...

Poor Hubby!

Glad to see everyone so happy! The boys look like they had a little too much fun as Vikings, hehe. I've never been to Flordia, but hope to one day:) Thanks for sharing your trip with us:)

Kim said...

Your family is so beautiful De and what fab photos of everyone looking so happy :)

De said...

Thank you both!