Friday, August 13, 2010

Zucchini everywhere!

OK, maybe not everywhere but I came home from vacation to find three very large zucchini waiting for me in the garden. So today's project was to process them. The results are 10 half pints of relish, 5-2 cup bags in the freezer, and 2 loaves of bread. That was several hours of work but we will enjoy those 3 zucchini for a long time. ;)


April said...

wow! so much from three zucchini! they must have been huge. i admit we typically don't even attempt to do anything with the really large ones, as everyone here grows the stuff and it all comes in at once.
that was two months ago! wishing i had some fresh ones lately!:)
i LOVE your new header photo--is there a story i missed about it? SO pretty and cozy looking!

De said...

I got my garden planted late this year, April, so I'm still enjoying the harvest. :)

The room in my header photo is the first room box I ever made. I'd done several dollhouses but never had a desire to do just a room until then. A friend designed the quilt kit on the bed and I was a tester for her. I loved the quilt so much that I designed the whole room and furnishings to go with it. Thank you for the nice comments. The room is one of my favorites.