Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Playing with chalk

I found this sheet of border left over from a previous project. I think I found it at Jennifer's Printables. The border came in dark blue and a chocolate brown. This sheet was the brown. I wanted burgandy so I got out my chalk pencils to see if I could change the color. You can't tell in this photo but the border is now just the color I wanted. I added a touch of gold paint to the buttons at the top of the tassels and sealed it. Then I wondered if I could deepen the wallpaper color. For this I used a square of chalk pastels from my scrapbooking supplies. It worked beautifully. Then I added dots of gold to the center of the emblems. Now it's very elegant and perfect for my project.

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May said...

Me alegro que hayas conseguido lo que querias. Tengo ganas de verlo puesto en su sitio.
Besitos, May