Saturday, August 21, 2010

More characters mosey up to the bar

This is Joe, the gambler. Joe's been in love with Rose for years. He doesn't travel much anymore - just hangs around A Rose Among Thorns watching out for Rose. Good thing he made a lot of money in his younger years.
Sean keeps the place hopping with his piano music. (I need to adjust his vest, I see.)
He's an Irish man and 1st cousin to Rose.

BTW, the sheriff is Sheriff Roy Sheldon. (Thanks, May!) The bartender is Ben Jenkins.


Lainie's Little Things said...

Love how it's coming along! The story telling along with the pics is really fun to follow:~)

May said...

Joe y Sean te han quedado geniales.
Estoy ansiosa por ver cuales seran tus siguientes personajes.
Me alegro que te hayan gustado los nombres, gracias.
Besitos, May

Peggy said...

Great theme...a saloon. It looks absolutely great. I love those details, like the clothes on the dolls. Just perfect!