Monday, August 23, 2010

Saloon fun!

This is Daisy. Her dress fabric came from another Salvation Army find. It drapes beautifully. The lace was some that my grandmother had - she passed away when I was 5. I have quite a bit of the lace so I can spread my memories around. :)
I'm still waiting for the Brimble kit to arrive. While I'm waiting I had some fun making some saloon scenes.
I've asked a couple of friends if I can commission a doll from each of them for the saloon. I thought it would add more character to have at least some of the dolls made by someone other than me.


Ascension said...

Daisy es preciosa.
Me encantan todos los personajes y la disposicion de ellos en la escena, te ha quedado una escena de lo mas real y encantadora.
besitos ascension

ShellbyFay said...

Haha! These scenes look so fun De :) You seem to be having a whole lot of fun making this saloon!

Katie said...

Just catching up on all your FUN dolls! My would take me a month of sundays to make one doll! And you have a whole saloon full!!! Love the dresses, and the fact that you get to use your grandmothers lace! It always makes it seem more special, doesn't it:)

April said...

Daisy's dress is SO pretty! I love the little touches of lace. You are doing a GREAT job. Looks like fun fun fun!

De said...

Thanks everyone!

Minnie Kitchen said...

this is real fun!! love the setting~

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Love the black lace on Daisy's dress and what a wonderful way to remember your grandmother.

May said...

Daisy te ha quedado preciosa.
Más de un duelo va a causar en tu salón.
Me encanta como te esta quedando.
Haces que sonria con tus personajes.
Besitos, May