Sunday, August 29, 2010

Long day

Hi all,
Came home exhausted after moving my younger daughter back to college. Found my knitting with one of my expensive bamboo knitting needles on the dog's bed - I guess I should say I found the remains of that expensive bamboo knitting needle. She also ate a coaster and a couple of tissues. The food bowls were empty so I guess she got bored. Yesterday she ate a chair from one of my dollhouses - she's not on my "nice list." The cat's contribution was to pee all over the recliner foot rest. She does that when she's irritated about something. Yay...not the best homecoming.

But I did get a nice dinner with hubby on the way home. I think I'll just remember that part of today. ;)


Kathi said...

Oh dear. They were VERY bad while you were gone!
Pets sure do have a way of telling us when they don't like something!
They probably are upset about all of the packing and moving. Hopefully, things will settle down now!

April said...

wow. what a way to end a weekend!
hope the cleanup wasn't too taxing, and maybe the fuzzy dear ones will re-establish their "niceness" in some special way today!

i am LOVING the posts about your saloon project--the process is fascinating to watch!

Kim said...

Ugh!! I can sympathize- I have multiple furry children at my home too and like Kathi said- they sure do let us know when they are irritated! Glad you had a nice dinner with your hubby at least- and hope your daughter has a good year at school :)

De said...

So far the pets are better today...but I'm home with them, too.

Thanks, April. I'm really enjoying the saloon project. Now that both daughters are back at college I can start work on the Brimble. Hubby will be out of town this week so I'll have even more time to play. :)

Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

It's amazing how our little furry family members miss us when we are gone...just wish they could show us in a different way!!