Sunday, August 15, 2010

New project

Well, it's mostly in the idea stage but I think I want to make an old Western saloon/house of ill repute. I already have a name for it - A Rose Among Thorns Saloon. The owner/madam is Rose, of course.

I spent some time this afternoon sketching nudes with chalk pencils. I came up with a lady reclining on a red chaise that I'm happy with. Luckily, with minis, you just have to give the illusion rather than have each little detail. I can draw but I'm not a trained artist.

I know I want a poker game, a piano, the bar, of course, swinging doors. If I just use a crate for the saloon I'll just have to imply that there are other activities that take place upstairs. If I can find an inexpensive kit that works I'll do more with the madam and saloon girls.

Let me know if you have ideas for this project.


Katie said...

What a fun idea....I'll have to think on what else it needs....Makes me want to go watch "Best Little Whore House in Texas" with Dolly Parton!! Can't wait to see where you go with this:)

ShellbyFay said...

Katie! That's exactly what I was thinking! Haha.

When I think of a saloon, I think of the one in Pink's music video - "Trouble". If you haven't already seen the video De, youtube it might inspire you a bit.
It does include the prostitutes, and reading your most recent posts (sorry i've done this backwards) you're not doing that, but you can just miss that bit out :P

De said...

Thanks for the tips, ladies! I'm also thinking about watching some old Gunsmoke episodes. Miss Kitty may be the inspiration for my Rose.