Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Now you can have a drink

Here are some of the results of yesterday afternoon and evening's labors. A beer barrel with spigot, a tray of drinks, and a tray of empty glassware. The barrel is a plastic toy that I've repainted. The spigot is a wooden drawer pull. The trays are the metal ends from a tube of refrigerator biscuits. The glasses are a mix of beads and pieces cut from plastic ink pen casings. The beer mugs have plastic sheeting handles. The scrapbook paper behind the bar is gonna be the wallpaper. It shows up a bit lighter than it really is. It's really a dark rose background. I thought that would be appropriate for a saloon named "A Rose Among Thorns."
This collection of bits and bobs will become glassware and liquor bottles. There are a couple of other items in there, too, that may or may not have a place in the saloon. The bottles are made from various sizes of Lite-Brite type pegs. I have some original ones and some knock-off ones. I've already ground the bottles flat on the top and bottom and I've done some reshaping. I'll work on adding labels today.

At this rate it won't take long to complete the building and furnishings. That will give me lots of time to work on dolls. I have a couple of doll making friends. I think I may commission a couple of the characters to add variety to the clientele and staff.

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