Friday, March 20, 2009

An award!

Jayne of Tallulah-Belle Originals has given me this award. Thanks, Jayne! The rules for this one are that I have to to list seven things I love, then pass it on to another seven Kreativ Bloggers.
1. My husband and children
2. God
3. My many online mini friends
4. Miniatures of any kind
5. Spending time on the computer
6. Reading - all types of things
7. Chocolate
Now to pass it on. That's much more difficult.
1. Casey of I can only aspire to build dollhouses with as much detail as Casey uses.
2. George of He can do amazing things with wood.
3. Sasha of I've always loved the McKinley and hers is going to be beautiful.
4. Katy of The dollhouse she's working on is adorable.
5. Lena of Her dollhouse is so elegant.
6. I love Pooh and friends and this house is really going to be cool.
7. Marsha of Her dolls are an inspiration for me.

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Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Thank you so much, De! :) Mini hugs, Marsha