Sunday, March 8, 2009

Passing on the blog award

I am supposed to pass this award on to 15 people so here goes:
1. Doreen at
2. Rosanna at
3. Nell at
4. Katie at
5. Tom at
6. Taenia at
7. George at
9. Kim at
And the others that I would award have already received this one.


Brenda said...

You see how prolific De is? I'm still looking for my #3.

kimsminiatures said...

Thank you so much De for giving me this award. Very sweet of you. Mini hugs :o)

Nell said...

Thank you so much for the award, De - I'm very flattered.

Love the tree stump house!


George the Miniguy said...

Thanks, De! I'm new to blogging; so I'm delighted to receive your award. What do I do to "pick up my award?" (Or by simply coming to your site, does that close the deal, sort of?)

De said...

Just copy and save the picture of the award and put it into a post on your blog. Then you are supposed to award it to 15 other blogs, not an easy thing to do. It's up to you whether you actually do that.

Brenda said...

You mean we don't have to pass it on? I want to, of course, but I'm having a hard time finding people who don't already have it.

De said...

I've seen a few blogs where they said just that and didn't pass it on to any specific blog. I think you'd be fine if that's what you did, too. 15 is WAY too many IMO.