Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tiny fairy

I figured out how to make my little fairy. I used craft wire to form her body and a bead for her head, padded her with some masking tape and painted the entire assembly with flesh colored paint. Her clothing is made from various silk and paper flowers and she has butterfly wings. The wings are really hard to see in this poor photo but they are really pretty. I have trouble getting clear pics of the tiny things. Does anyone have tips? In general, I've been happy with my Nikon digital camera. It does have a setting for closeups but I usually end up with blurry shots.


TreeFeathers said...

Try this with your photos: use the close-up (macro) setting on the camera, but put the camera on a tripod (or something steady - don't hold it) and use the timer. That way the camera doesn't move at all when it snaps the photo - even the tiniest movement will give you a blurry photo using the macro setting.

Also, this may be different with your camera, but on mine it's best NOT to zoom in (much) when using the macro setting - that also makes my photos blurry. Instead, make sure the camera is set to take the photo at the largest, high-quality size, and then zoom and crop later in your graphics program for the perfect close-up.

Hope that helps! :)

- Grace

Tallulah~Belle said...


You need to be using a tipod...or, if you don't have one, rest the camera on a pile of books or something else sturdy.

When using the macro feature even the slightest shake will result in blurry pics.


De said...

Thank you, Grace and Jayne. I do have a great tabletop tripod but I hadn't thought of using the timer. I will try that next time.