Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Road trip

Today DD #1 (who is home on spring break) and I are visiting DD #2 at school. I won't have much time to play with minis today. I would like to make a little fairy for my tree stump house - does anyone have suggestions? I've never made a doll that tiny before.

I've finished the fairy house but I can't post photos because we aren't doing the "big reveal" on Small World until the end of May. I'm going to have trouble waiting that long to show it because it turned out so well. At some point, I will post my "how-to" for the project.

Bye for now!


Brenda said...

The smallest dolls I've made were 1-1/2" dolls' dolls. I made them basically the same way I make bigger ones. How big (small) is the fairy gonna be?

De said...

She's about an inch tall. I actually figured out a way to make her using painted wire with a bead head. She turned out kinda cute. :-)