Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More progress on the round thing

The "round thing" is coming along quite nicely. The exterior is grouted, shutters hung, door knobs attached. The interior trim is installed and the curtains are hung. I'm still contemplating how to do the roof but I've started gathering or making items for the interior. The "bits and bobs" in the interior photo are all in an unfinished state. I will paint or otherwise refinish to make them look like real furnishings instead of cardboard and plastic.

The penny leaning against the stone wall gives an idea of size. The container is a large mixed nuts can. The background I used for these photos is a large hinged painting my mom made for me. It makes a beautiful 1:12 scale (or, in this case, 1:24) outdoor background.


Sans said...

Oh yes, the grouting is really nicely done. Can I ask what kind of grouting do you use? Are the ones for mosaic appropriate as well?

Can't really see the background painting which I am sure is gorgeous and meaningful cos its done by mum :)

De said...

I usually seal the egg carton with matte finish Mod Podge and then grout with premixed spackle that I tint with acrylic paint. I think you could use real grout, too. I just like the spackle because it's very easy to spread and clean up.