Sunday, March 1, 2009

More from the Victorian houses

These top two photos are from the Victorian Cottage Jr. I made the bed, quilt, washstand and one of the bedside tables. The rug was printed onto a T shirt transfer and then ironed onto Aida cloth. The rugs in the parlor were made the same way. All of the photos in this room are ancestors or living relatives of either my husband or me. I made the chandelier, sofa, wing chair, table, and fern. The dining set was made from a Chrysbon kit and the black chair at the front right started life as an inexpensive import. I painted and reupholstered it.

This is the Petite Dreams parlor. I made all of the furniture in here, including the fireplace. The burgundy drapes are made of velvet scrapbook paper. It's very easy to get nice pleats - just accordian fold. The stair carpet is embroidered ribbon.
Emma and Richard in the master bedroom. I made the bed and fireplace. The hanging lantern is based on a lantern photo I found online. The "plaster" ceiling rose is an element cut from my real size kitchen ceiling paper. The dresser and vanity are refinished Dollar Tree purchases.

The kitchen tin ceiling is made of another element cut from my real kitchen paper and then painted silver. The floor and wainscot are both printed from the internet. The cook stove started life as a Spam tin. The sink was made from a Vaseline lid with hardware added. The cook is hard at work at a table I made from scratch and aged. I also made the chair at the front right.
I made most of the dishes in the hutch and the food throughout the kitchen. The best thing about miniatures is that you really have no excuse to be bored - there's always something different to try!

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