Monday, March 16, 2009

In progress...Harry in his underwear

I thought you might want to see how I put a doll together. I've made many dolls through the years and I've tried many different techniques but my favorite method uses ideas from several different books. I used to sculpt upper arms and legs but my dolls seemed more fragile that way so now I just sculpt the lower limbs, head, neck and trunk. These parts are assembled with chenille pipe cleaners using a combination of tacky glue and super glue to fasten the limbs and head onto the pipe cleaners. Once the glue has set, I wrap gauze strips around the upper arms and legs (and the calves, too, if I'm making a doll who will be wearing slacks and I've only sculpted feet and ankles.) I left a space between the upper and lower legs so that the legs will bend easily at the knee. Once the glue on the gauze dries, Harry will be ready to dress and wig. I used a single strand of embroidery floss for shoe laces. He has a watch made with a real leather strap. I punched a tiny circle of white paper, edged it with gold paint, painted on gold hands and glued it to the band for the watch face. Then I used gloss Mod Podge to make the watch crystal.


MiniKat said...

Will you take a close up of the watch for us? It sounds really neat!

De said...

I tried. Check out the next post.