Friday, March 11, 2011

I got a lot finished today

I was out and about with my daughter again today. I found a rather cheaply made table and chair set that I could cut down and make over for the wall house dining room. The chair on the left is how they looked at first. The real chairs are Windsor style so I put in spindles instead of the single horizontal slat. The chair on the right is finished except for varnish.
The bar stools are new today, too. I used wooden wheels for the seats and dowel rod and toothpicks to make the legs and supports. The real room has a large picture window on that yellow wall. I think I'm going to have to put one there in the mini room or it won't look like the real room.
Here's a closer look at the kitchen side. The range and the sink cabinets are actually all one piece - the bottom half of a Michael's hutch. I added the center doors and drawer and the smaller cabinet at the far end. The other lower cabinet is also the bottom of a different style hutch.
The two green recliners with a vintage style end table between them. On the left is a "gas" stove for heat and atmosphere.
While out today I found the perfect little brass tricycle. I used a Sharpie to color the red and black and it looks really cute. I'm using the half scale stairs that I didn't use in the bungalow. This room will probably end up taking the most work, lol.

It was a fun mini day. What are you all working on?


Anonymous said...

Love how it is turning out :)

Peggy said...

You had a lot of things done, what a great make-over of those chairs, well done! I'm still working on the sitting room...well...not now ofcourse. Now I'm reading your blog :0)

Kathi said...

You really have done a lot! Love the little chairs and end table.
The tricycle was a great find! So cute!
I'm finishing up Granpa's overalls, getting ready to go to the post office to mail my gifts to Kat. Then I'm planning to start working on my garage!
Love weekends filled with minis!

Kim said...

De- I love the new chairs! You are so clever! I really like the new trike- and using the stairs from the bungalow was smart- they look perfect!! I can't wait to see the picture window- will you use a picture of their real yard in it? I worked a bit on my Candy House over the weekend and also a swap with the theme of "archeological dig"- that one was fun! Can't show pictures of that work yet :)