Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let's take another look

If you look closely on the floor next to the water heater you'll see a mouse. I am terrified of mice so making these guys was not fun, lol. There's another one over by the wood pile.
I remembered the mirror and sconces my MIL has in the living room yesterday so I added those. Mom has some silk flowers tucked in over the top of the mirror so I did that, too.
Today's project was making all these tiny books. A few of them are printies but most were made from scratch. I used a tutorial from American Miniaturist to make long rows of books and added single books every so often for interest. The area under the shelves will hold stacked up board games and puzzles and a box with toys and dress up clothes. Then I need to make a scaled down pool table (so it doesn't overwhelm the small room.)

I'll need to add Mom and Dad (hubby's parents) and then I think it will be finished - if mini projects are ever finished.


Marisa Stein said...

I love the library and mice are more afraid of you than you are of them but I still run from them when I see them :)

De said...

Thanks, Marisa. My girls are scared of spiders so I'm the spider killer at our house - but I can't deal with mice. Fortunately, our cat has done a wonderful job of keeping them from getting into the house the last couple of years.

Kim said...

the mice are too cute- what a great addition to the basement! I'm only afraid of mice when they are running straight at me-lol! We get a few mice in our old farmhouse every fall when the weather gets cold. My cats like to catch them and then bring them into the living room still alive to "play" with them a bit before the big kill. I'm usually standing on the couch screaming for the hubby when that happens :)