Saturday, March 5, 2011

A new house

I spent the afternoon with one of my daughters. First we visited the Home and Garden show and then a furniture resale shop. The H/G show was not very exciting but we bought some honey. We went to the resale shop looking for things to furnish DD's new apartment (she's moving into her own off campus apt this summer.) We didn't find anything for her but I found this wall hanging dollhouse/cabinet.
The exterior is 1:12 scale. The interior rooms are not accurately scaled. They are either low ceilings for one inch or very high ceilings for half scale. The door doesn't line up correctly but I'm not going to worry about the inconsistencies and just decorate for fun. Probably in one inch scale.


Kathi said...

Cute. Bet you got a good deal too?

Caseymini said...

De, I love the house. It looks very solid... Would it be possible to pop the shelves out and move them up or down? Great find!

Kim said...

That is a cute find- I'm sure you're going to make something work De- you can do magic with minis :)

De said...

Kathi, probably not the best deal but $27 wasn't too bad - and I don't have to build it. I just get to decorate. That's my favorite part. :)

Casey, I had originally hoped to move the shelves around but they are not budging. They are glued into grooves and are very securely fastened. I think I'll just go with the little house's eccentricities, lol.

Thank you, Kim. What a sweet thing to say.

The exterior of the house is speaking to me right now so I will probably start with that while I wait on the house to tell me about the inside. ;)