Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More options for miniatures shoppers

There are a couple of relatively new kids on the block in the online shopping community. Both Zibbet and ArtFire offer handmade miniatures. Many of my team mates from etsy are branching out into these new areas.

Only a few of us have currently opened Zibbet shops but Small Time Shopping is a really fun one to check out. Becky offers items for dollhouses, pets and people. Other team members have registered but not yet opened shops. I've seen some lovely handcrafted minis made by sellers I've not yet met. Please stop in and check Zibbet out. (My shop is De-Lightful Minis by MiniDe.)

On ArtFire you can find many artisans of handcrafted miniatures. Many of my teamMIDS friends have opened shops there. I'll give you a few links to get you started, :).
PolkadotToadstool offers an exciting collection of dolls, miniatures, and more.
MinibyDesign has amazing handcrafted contemporary miniature furniture.
DarkSquirrel makes a wonderful selection of potions, filled cabinets, steampunk minis and more.
Miniature Cabin Decor offers beautiful rustic and shabby decor perfect for your country cabin or house.
Whimsy Cottage Minis has a small collection of her luggage and small scale houses listed.
Dales Dreams just listed her brand new gingham collection.
Blue Kitty Miniatures has a lovely selection of cakes, cookie jars, plants and home decor.

Keep watching as more of your favorite artisans open shops on both Zibbet and ArtFire. One more bit of info about each site - on Zibbet you need to register to purchase just like on etsy (but only for a short while longer-Zibbet is updating soon and registering will no longer be necessary for purchase) but you don't have to be registered to purchase on ArtFire.

Happy shopping!


dale said...

Go teamMIDS! :)

anna said...

Thank you for information!

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my Artfire shop De. I too have a Zibbet shop with no stock heehee, too many irons in the fire. I wish you luck with your new shop, I will have to check out the miniatures shops on Zibbet. When I see a new free site I always sign up so no one will use my shop name :)

Victoria ❤

Blue Kitty Miniatures said...

Thanks for telling everyone about these alternative venues, I'm surprised that my ArtFire shop is doing quite well despite only being stocked for a little over a month. Almost comparable to Etsy in its heyday which seems long gone now. I think there is great potential from these sites if we support them.

De said...

I just added your shop to the list, BK. Your shop did not show up when I searched for your shop name at ArtFire.

dale said...

De, thanks for adding mine. :) You are a sweetie. Have some fun with your daughter. I saw mine for less than 24hrs, as she went to see bf.