Thursday, March 17, 2011

Play time!

I finished the library late last night (this morning?) There's something for everyone here just like in the real room. Books, puzzles, board games, blocks, dress up clothes, toys, and pool are all available. The real room is very large and all the upstairs bedrooms open off of it. I had to give the feeling of the real room in a very tiny space but I think I've succeeded. Under the books shelves are stacks of board games and a basket of toys and dress up clothes. The pool table looks as though the kids have been playing with it again - where are all the striped balls?! The black chair represents the old, extra dining chairs that are brought downstairs for family dinners. They are all painted gloss black, too.

This project is nearly complete. I'm working on accessories for the kitchen - canisters, bread box, tea kettle, etc. I "filled" the living room end table with the type of things you'd really find there - magazines, newspaper, Bible, and Mom's cup of tea. I still need to make Mark's parents and then that room is finished. The basement has been dirtied up a bit with muddy footprints and grease spots on the floor.

Tomorrow evening I will be with a lot of hubby's family members. I hope to take the wall house along. I will let you know what everyone thinks. :)

Have a wonderful day and I hope spring is "springing" wherever you are.


Kim said...

I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of it- I think it's fantastic! The pool table turned out great- and all those books! I have a library that is still empty of books in one of my houses- for some reason mini books intimidate me! Looks great De- what a sweet tribute to your hubby's childhood home :)

Ara said...

Looks like a fun room to have in the house! I would def hang out in there!!! hugs, ara

Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Your cupboard house is looking great De! I think I have figured out your never sleep LOL.

Victoria ❤

Fabiola said...

A fantastic work!
Kiss Fabiola

De said...

Kim, email me and I will share how I made the long sections of books. It isn't my tutorial so I don't want to post it here. If you get American Miniaturist the full tutorial was in a recent issue. Really easy, too. :)

Thanks, Ara! BTW, your prize was mailed out yesterday.

Victoria, unfortunately that tends to be true when I get caught up in a project. I'm exhausted after this week of really late nights. I keep forgetting that I'm too old for all nighters now, lol.

Thank you, Fabiola!

Heather said...

Wonderful Details!

Lataina said...

Perfect! I love all the books. =)