Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well, I tried to be finished

Just a few small changes this time - Dad's trousers are brighter (more like the originals); Mom has tiny bows on her shoes just like her real black flats; there are white stripes in the afghan; I added a flower to Mom's sweater to make it look more like something she'd wear. I think I'm finally satisfied although it took a couple of layers of paint on those trousers to get to something close to the real ones.

Oh, the other detail I added today was the levers on the recliners to elevate the foot rests.

It will soon be time to find a new project. Stay tuned! :)


Kathi said...

This was the most wonderful project! I enjoyed watching you add all of the special little details that make this so perfect.
I'm sure your family will treasure this for years and years to come.

dale's dreams said...

Looks wonderful! You must be pleased. :)

I enjoyed the family photos, too.

Kim said...

his pants look just like the picture now! I love that you added a flower to your MIL's sweater too- what a great detail :) They look fantastic!

De said...

Thanks everyone!

Katie said...

Hi De! Thank-you so much for stopping by... And Yes! I do read your blog:) I'm off to add your link to my list! ....and I love the 'pink' trousers!