Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Long day...

but the pantry is stocked. While I was shopping I found some American Girl doll stickers on clearance. Two of the doll stickers look like the dolls my daughters have so the mini daughters in our mini house got dolls today. (The dolls representing my daughters are two of my earliest dolls. I've improved a bit since then, lol.)
The other AG sticker sets had clothes and accessories. I got a guitar similar to the one I had when I was young and some clothes that work in the 1970s house, too. This house is a recreation of the one I grew up in.
The only actual mini work I got done was to give an aged paint finish to the rocking chair on the porch. Wood tones with a leather seat didn't make sense for a porch rocker.

I think tomorrow's a "free" day so maybe I can mini then. :)

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