Monday, March 28, 2011

They're here!

Mary and Dick have settled in to their recliners. Their puppy, Panda, is snuggled up against Dick's feet. All three started out as resin figures ordered from Mary was made from the Grandmother June doll. I sawed off the bun in her hair and glued on soft gray curls. I repainted her skirt and added a blue collar to the sweater. I painted over one knitting needle to turn the project into crocheting and painted ripples on the needle work to look like the ripple stitch in shades of blue. (She's crocheted ripple afghans for many family members.) Eyeglasses were made from thin wire with gallery glass lenses. (The lenses aren't completely dry yet so still look a bit white. That will clear up once it's all dry.)
Dick was made from the "Richard" doll. (How appropriate!) He took more work but looks very much like my FIL did. From top to bottom - I added combed back salt and pepper hair and a long beard with mustache. Eyeglasses were shaped around a small square dowel and I used dimensional liquid for the lenses. I repainted his shirt to look like a gray heather sweatshirt and his trousers to match a purple/pinkish pair that seemed to be his favorite. They showed up in nearly every family photo, lol. He's wearing his favorite slippers and Panda, the puppy, is at his feet. Panda is a repainted "Sanford."

I added wedding bands to both dolls. It's so appropriate that Dick is reading - he was one of the most educated men I knew. He had a college degree, was a librarian and a farmer, and his knowledge of Scripture was unbelievable. I really miss him.


Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

Wow De! You did an amazing job on the dolls. This is very special :)

Victoria ❤

De said...

Thank you so much, Victoria. This was a special project. :)

Kim said...

De- I add my WOW!!! I just saw the pic of your in-laws on your next post and you have done an amazing transformation on these dolls- what a sweet project this was!!!

De said...

Thank you, Kim! Every time I look at my FIL in mini, I half expect to him to get right up out of that chair. I'm so happy with the results of this experiment. :)

April said...

De, these are SO great! You have captured your in-laws amazingly. I'm a bit behind on posts, so am going from "finish" to where I left off.
Good work! Great attention to detail(s).

De said...

Thank you, April. :)