Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Castle Plans

I spent some time yesterday planning the layout of my castle. If you poke the photo you'll get a larger one and should be able to read my notes. The lower level will be the Great Hall. There will be a large banquet table and benches and thrones for the King and his daughter, Ariana. The second floor will be Ariana's bed chamber. The third floor will house the chapel and the armory. There will be 4 corner towers at the top. This is just a section of the whole castle. The King's bed chamber, the kitchen, staff housing, etc. are in another area. ;)

I made weapons for the armory this evening. It was fun to figure out how to make things.

Tomorrow I need to get stone finish spray paint, foam core, and wood trim. With everything coming together in my head now I can actually start building. Hopefully, progress photos will be coming soon!


Caseymini said...

De, I can't wait to see what you do with this project. Castles are really fun to do. I think that mine took a lot more thinking than actual doing. Have fun!

Eliana said...

A great work starts with a great design! Good luck I'm sure it will look wonderful.

Ara said...

How fun! All my houses have had plans before I start... which is good when I take loooong breaks and can't remember where I was lol! -ara

Kathi said...

Where did you get this plan? Is it a computer program? Looks very interesting!

De said...

I am having fun with it, Casey. I never thought I'd want to do a castle but I'm enjoying the fantasy aspect a lot more than I thought I would. :)

Thank you, Eliana!

Ara, I can't ever stop on a project until I've finished but the plan helped me organize my thoughts.

Kathi, I just made the plan up using a card making program - The Print Shop. The plan is really just made up of a bunch of shapes to represent the different elements of the castle.