Monday, September 19, 2011

I love it when I surprise myself!

I made a trestle table and two benches for the great hall. The table turned out great - but it's hidden under the tablecloth. I also made the roasted turkey, boar's head, bread and "pewter" goblets. The plates are buttons and the tankards were made by Sandy Copeland. The portrait over the fireplace was done by my friend, Gary in New Hampshire. I'm pretending the lady is Ariana's mother who died when Ariana was very young.
The bed gave me some trouble - mostly because I don't have the right tools to cut wood so none of my ends were straight. Eventually I got it all to stay together and the finished bed looks really good. This would be the surprising myself bit, ;). The vanity is also a new addition. Harriet in the boarding house got a new vanity (pics coming soon) so her old one became Ariana's. I made the mirror and brush from air dry clay. The flower arrangement near the armoire was done with real tiny dried flowers and greenery.

This is a very satisfying project - I think because the entire design is mine and I've been challenging myself with some of the furniture and accessories. Still to come - a monk's bench for the chapel, the king, a visiting prince, and more details. Stay tuned!


Kathi said...

I am enjoying watching your creativity flow... :D The bed looks great!

Maru said...

La verdad es que está quedando estupenda, muy bonita y original. Un trabajo muy bueno.
Un beso.