Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Updates and edits

The bed mattress sits much lower now (Ariana won't need a step ladder to get into bed now, lol) and she has a fur throw that she can use for extra warmth on the bed or on the cold stone floor. The vanity has had a makeover and now looks more "royal" and has more presence with the draping over the mirror. I also added some necklaces to the vanity top. And you can't see it, but there's a fire in the fireplace.
The banquet is complete now. I added a pastry and jugs for ale and wine. The tankards are filled with "ale" or they will look like it once the glass paint is dry. This photo doesn't show it but there's also a fire in this fireplace. All of the food was made with Crayola air dry clay. Normally I would use polymer clay but I want to use the air dry stuff before it dries out.
This isn't the best photo but I wanted to show you that there are little birds and a cannon on top of the castle tower. The cannon is an aquarium decoration that was perfectly scaled.

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