Thursday, September 22, 2011

Still adding the details

A coat of arms banner for the great hall in blue and gold to match the feathers on the armor helmets. I just cut a section of patterned cardstock that I liked and added the design with gold paint and a toothpick.
Ariana's bedchamber now has a door. Gotta keep all those knights running up to the armory from peeking in her room. ;) The door is actually stationary and is made from a kit leftover piece that is exactly the right height.
Aran now has a gold and ruby cross pendant on a very heavy gold chain. The price some people pay to show off their wealth..:-D
And, finally, I used some embossed stickers to add hinges to the front door. I used the same type on Ariana's door. I don't think there is much more to do to call the castle finished. I want to make a visiting prince who's come to ask permission to court Ariana and I will continue to add some details as inspiration strikes but it looks good as it is now.

Oh, except for lighting. Hubby is going to help me make some battery powered LED lights. He can do the electronics and I can make the candles/stands so hopefully our collaboration will be successful.


Eliana said...

Great work!

Maria Ireland said...

It looks fantastic well done. I love all that you have done. Hugs Maria

De said...

Thank you, Eliana and Maria!