Sunday, September 18, 2011

Here's the baby dragon on the roof. He's sitting on another egg in the process of hatching. Hmm, I wonder if the king and Ariana know what's going on up there?
The great hall - I need to make a trestle table and benches and some food to put on the table. I found some great jewelry findings to make "pewter" goblets. I've also added a red satin cushion to the throne.
This is Ariana's bed chamber. She's obviously lacking a key item since she doesn't yet have a bed.
I think I want to try to make a monk's bench for the chapel and maybe a kneeler.
The armory is much more rustic than the rest of the castle but then it doesn't need to be pretty. :)

All of the stone floors were cut from peel and stick tile and grouted with regular spackle mixed with acrylic paint. The stone areas at the back right are the stair wells. Those walls were made with Crayola air dry clay as was the inside of the great hall door. I originally was not planning to have open windows but just fake ones on what would have been the back of the castle. That's why the door is not an opening one. However, I needed more light and since the bookcase back is basically cardboard I just cut the windows out. The wallpaper all came from a really cool scrapbook pack. I also used that to make really awesome ceilings. You can see the chapel ceiling in that photo.

I think I'm going to eventually end up with another bookcase tower so I can get the rest of the rooms I want. I didn't have room for the wizard and his office, the king's bed chamber or the kitchen. The bookcase units are so inexpensive that I can expand gradually until I have all the rooms I "need." LOL


Meg said...

I love that baby dragon!

De said...

And the best part is that he only cost $3 at the consignment shop! :)

Caseymini said...

De, I have used several of the cd storage towers for minis. Those would be ideal fot a castle tower. Walmart has pretty nice ones for about 20.00 Small rooms and easy to decorate. I like what you've done so far! keep up the good work!

Drora's minimundo said...

This project looks like fun. I love everything about it, especially the original ideas.
It's been nice to follow, dragon, princess, unicorn and all.
A mini hug, Drora

Mindy Max said...

Wow! I love it! The inside is fantastic! What a great deal for $3.

Maria Ireland said...

Your castle is looking great. I love the ceiling. The baby dragon is sweet. Hugs Maria

De said...

Thank you so much everyone!

Casey, I will have to think about the CD towers. They would add a nice balance to the castle to have one on either side of the current section. The biggest drawback to using the bookcase is the weight. I think this 3 room tower is heavier than my 9 room DuraCraft Farmhouse!

April said...

You got the Redhead "Oh!" of approval here!
It's looking so fun--and DETAILED!

De said...

Thank you, April! It really is a fun project. I never thought I'd enjoy doing fantasy stuff but I am. :)