Monday, March 22, 2010

The Bathing Beauty!?

This is Carole. She's never come to terms with the changes her body has made as she's aged. Apparently, no one has been brave enough to tell her, either. :0)
I made all of her accessories.
She even has a tattoo on her ankle!

The inspiration for Carole came from Sandi at WhimsyCottageMinis. Thanks, Sandi!


joy said...

Brilliant. I love her :)

Thmini2 said...

She is great!! She reminds me of those women that have so many face lifts that they can't even smile anymore, except that she doesn't even realize that she isn't 20 anymore!

Deni said...

Oh she is wonderful! mmm I understand that too! hahahaha

Kathi said...

Hey, Carole looks very familiar for some reason!? LOL

Peach Blossom Hill said...

Poor Carole! Someone needs to do the kind thing and tell her! LOL! She is great. There is a lady in our town who does not have a great figure (neither do I but I keep mine covered up!) and is not a stunning beauty (ditto for me) but she bleaches her hair white-blonde, wears too much makeup and struts around in halter tops and tiny 'hot pants' as if she is a sexy beauty. As my friend, Lucy says, Bless her heart.


De said...

Thanks everyone. It's fun to make the more eccentric characters every so often. :0)