Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm not sure what scale that thing is

So I made this cute little pedestal sink and matching mirror this morning. The sink is exactly 1/2 of a 1:12 scale sink. I'm not sure what scale that toilet is. It isn't 1:16 - too small - but it's too big for 1:24. The tub is a little on the small side but still within scale. The base of the toilet is just too tall. The poor little people would have to have a step stool to use the facilities, lol. I'm thinking about putting the toilet area on an elevated floor - then I could surround the base of the toilet with the floor and make it look like the toilet sits lower. Since it's an antique I don't want to alter it that much. The toilet lid I added is removable. The other option is to put the toilet in its own little room so you can't really see it. That's how my real master bathroom is set up.
I also made a matching ottoman for the chair today. All I did was cover an appropriately sized bottle cap with fabric.

Oh, and the sink was made from a small lipstick lid, a funny little gasket thing I found in the junk drawer and another one of my favorite milk carton seals. The hardware was made from beads and earring wires. The mirror is part of a silver scrapbook sticker. I painted the rim to match the sink in an antique white.


Rachel said...

I love your blog and your minis there is an award for you at my blog

Jean Day said...

Love half scale, your sink is wonderful, and I love your furniture.

De said...

Thank you, Rachel and Jean.