Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An experiment

I reworked all of the printies. They are now much improved over the ones I used in my house. Whenever I use printies I embellish them to give them some dimension. I add bead knobs or a handle or dry emboss to highlight areas that are raised or indented in the real life counterparts. All of these things will help to make the printies look less like paper and more like the real thing. I print on cardstock or photo paper. I recommend sealing the cardstock with a spray clear finish after printing.

Please feel free to use these for your personal use. After cutting an item out, it helps to lightly score along the fold lines before folding. This will give you crisper edges. Let me know if you like these - this is my first attempt at making something for others to share.


Peach Blossom Hill said...

Thank you, De! I will have to save these for the future! How generous!


Kathi said...

How kind of you to share your idea!
Your little kitchen looks great!

De said...

You are welcome and thank you!