Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Look what I found!

Most of my readers know by now that I like to make as much as possible for my dollhouses. While I have made bathroom fixtures from scratch (successfully!) they are not my favorite thing to make. The thought of making them 1/2 as big as I'm used to was rather scary, lol. Yesterday, while looking through the HBS catalog, I suddenly remembered this 1:24 scale set. It was with my mom's dollhouse when I got it although her house is 1:16 scale (and had the appropriately sized bathroom fixtures, too.) These little things were packed away in a box in my craft room - and I knew just where to find them (amazing all in itself!) I want to make a toilet lid and I need to make a mini vanity with sink. Those things are much easier than making the whole set of fixtures from scratch, though. The cream color will work well with the blues I'm considering for the house. I'm getting excited about this project. I hope my fingers don't suddenly become all thumbs once I start working in the smaller scale, lol.

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Kim said...

they are adorable De! I cannot wait to see your 1/2 scale work! Bernard the Bear's house is meant to be half scale- but I found it hard to work that small so it's actually "Bernard" scale :) Can't wait to see more pictures!!