Sunday, March 7, 2010

Time for some new suitcases

I had to purchase yarn for a baby blanket I'm knitting yesterday. While I was there I bought some more TestaMints. The tin they come in is my favorite for making mini suitcases. They are not my favorite thing to make but they are the best seller in my etsy shop.
I really like the brown leather case. The turquoise fabric looks great for the interior and the leather is a lovely aged color. I wouldn't mind a suitcase like this one in 1:1 size. :-)


Glenda said...

What fun - whenever I leave a suitcase open like that, a cat falls asleep in it!

De said...


dale said...

De, I like that brown one, too. Nice! :)

De said...


Deni said...

Those suitcases are great!!!
I have never seen those mints here
they make perfect suitcases

De said...

Deni, Hobby Lobby sells them here, near the check out counters. The mini tins of Altoid mints also work. They just don't have the rounded top like the TestaMint tins.

Deni said...

I will have to ask my daughter, she lives in Michigan but I live in Australia and we do not have Hobby lobby and I think she has to travel a long way to get there!
I will search around here but I am fairly sure we do not have Altoods
thank you anyway!!!