Friday, March 12, 2010

More accessories

The kitchen artwork is a set of vintage ladies' magazine covers. The wall clock is a button and a printie. The shade is made from a vintage handkerchief. The candle on the table is a bead in a small grommet with a bit of black thread for a burned wick.
The living room now has a little coffee table with a silver bowl and a couple of magazines. I made a ginger jar and a small vase from beads and a couple of books for the shelf of the entertainment center. There's also another wall clock in here.
The bedroom now has a dresser, some poster art work (photos taken by my friend Tina) and a lamp and an alarm clock.
The shelf above the stove now has salt, pepper and other spices.
I think all that's left to finish the living room is a rug. It's really looking cozy. The dog sure seems to have made himself comfortable. :-)


Kim said...

adorable- all the colors just look so great together too! Are you cross eyed from working with such tiny things yet?

De said...

Thank you, Kim. The really tiny things are hard - I really should get my magnifier out but I keep forgetting about it.