Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Late night experiment

I was up far too late (or was it too early?) experimenting with making a 1:24 scale doll. Most of my houses and rooms have people in them - somehow they just don't seem finished otherwise. So I had to at least try to make one for the half scale Colonial. Besides, who would feed the dog if I didn't, lol?

So, I am happy to introduce Maria, flaws and all. Her head is a bit too large and I still need to add some padding to her hips and thighs but she looks pretty good for my first attempt. She's wearing a wrap cardigan sweater set over a long pencil skirt. I think she just got home from work and hasn't taken time to change yet.


Meli said...

I think Maria is very nice!!! and so tiny!

De said...

Thanks, Meli!

Kim said...

I think she looks awesome De- I can't even imagine trying to make a doll that small! You did a great job!