Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A little trim makes such a difference!

I touched up the edges of my cupboards and added trim to the top - I see I still have a little touch painting to do. I've also finished the crown molding and baseboard through out the house. You can't really tell in the photos but I added a drop of clear dimensional gel to each individual tile in the back splash. It really does look like tiny little individual tiles!
The landing is one of my favorite rooms. I carried the living room wallpaper up the stair wall but didn't have enough to do the whole room. I like the gingham on the top.
The bedroom wallpaper is a very subtle blue and pink pattern. I think I'll put pale blue curtains in this room to bring out the blue in the walls.


Kathi said...

It's really hard to tell this is such a tiny house! You are doing an awesome job with it!

Peach Blossom Hill said...

This is looking so great! My goodness but you work fast! I've promised Joanna that during our spring break, as we can't go anywhere this year, we will work on her wiring of her Victoria's Farmhouse and see how much we can get done! Poor thing--she got it last year for Christmas and we still haven't gotten it finished as I chickened out on the wiring!


De said...

Thanks, ladies!

Jody, I've only wired one dollhouse. I loved it but somehow when moving it I got a short in the system. It hasn't worked since. I haven't had the heart to put the work into wiring another one. It's just magic when a house is all lit up, though. :-)

Kathi, the whole 8 room house is only a little taller than the single story log cabin! The rooms are quite large for the scale, though, which is making it fun to decorate. I am still excited that I can make furniture this small.

Deni said...

Its gorgeous, just luv that blue your using!
Your just Zooming along now!!!!